Website Security Tips From Remove Malware

Google blacklists ten thousand plus websites every day due to malware. When visitors are unable to access your website, you are losing revenue not to mention SEO rankings. One simple solution is to contact to remove the infectious code and have your website back online for an affordable one-time fee of $99.00.

Google has a responsibility to protect visitors from compromised websites to limit the transfer of malware. Once your site is infected, you only have one choice if you want to get it back online. The experts at will solve your frustration with guarantees that you will be satisfied.

However, there are many simple things that you can do to improve the security of your website to prevent hackers from entering your site. First and foremost, update to the current version of WordPress. Outdated versions are an invitation for hackers to invade your website. Another necessary action is to keep all themes and plugins up-to-date. Delete plugins and themes, not in use. These simple suggestions will help to eliminate the possibility of malware problems in the future. There is no guarantee that you will never encounter malware on your website, but it increases the probability that you will not have to deal with malware problems in the future.