CSC Research Services Recommends Website Malware Removal

Our service offers immediate malware removal help. Hackers infect many websites with malware each day. will fix any infected site –guaranteed. No fix- no fee! If your site is down, we will remove the malware, and protect it from being down again!

Hackers use all forms of malware to infect websites including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and many other types of malicious code. Their goal maybe financial gain by accessing financial records, client databases or perhaps because of evil intent. This information will allow them to steal money, or even personal identity, from the hacked website’s users. Approximately, twenty thousand sites are hacked each day. Google blacklists about seventy-five hundred websites a day. Hackers are busy producing thousands of malware codes daily. Hacking is profitable and is a big business.

Google will shut down your advertising, and most security software will prevent readers from seeing your site when your website is hacked or malware infected. Once our technicians have removed the malware, they will also inform Google, so Google will allow your website to be online again.

We charge a one-time fixed fee to fix all malware problems on your website! Every day your site is not online, you are losing potential income, and your reputation is being damaged! You are closed for business! We understand the importance of your site being repaired as quickly as possible. In addition to fixing your hacked or infected website, we will harden it against future attacks. We offer an additional protection service for a very minimal charge, only pennies a day. Our customers are secure in knowing that their site is free of all malicious code with protections against future attacks. Visit for details. Our technicians are on standby ready to help.