Why recycle A Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a relatively simple device that converters harmful emissions from gasoline engines to carbon dioxide and water. In 1975, the United States Environmental Agency required that all new vehicles produced in the United States were required to include a catalytic converter as a component of the exhaust system of the vehicle.  Forty years later,  this equates to millions of the devices in use on the roads and highways. As a result, large quantities of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide have been eliminated from the environment thus improving our air quality by virtually eliminating these pollutants. Serious pollutants were especially problematic in the larger metropolitan areas, and the use of catalytic converters has significantly reduced the smog that was so detrimental to our environment.

How To Recycle Your Catalytic Converter

Many people do not realize that a broken catalytic converter can be sold to professional recycling companies for cash, and pay you the market price which varies depending on the type of converter that you have for sale.  Converter Guy is a reputable company that you can trust to provide you with top dollar. This service will guide you through the entire process so that you receive your money quickly.Catalytic converters contain precious metals that can be extracted from your scrap converter and sold at market value. This type of recycling helps the environment.